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Only the educated are free.”

by Epictetus Enchiridion (55 AD–135 AD) Discourses

How to Fight Sexual Assault

Two University of Miami football players have been arrested and dismissed from the university after being criminally charged with sexual battery on a 17-year-old girl. According to ESPN, the two admitted to buying drinks for the girl and then bringing her back to a dorm room where they engaged in nonconsensual sex acts with her. Six Vanderbilt students have filed a suit claiming that their allegations of sexual assault were… Continue reading

Obama Skitters, Scampers and Scuttles Away From Failure

249289 5  Obama Skitters, Scampers and Scuttles Away From FailureSkitter, scamper, scuttle. That seems to be the mode of the Obama administration of late. Skitter away from your red line in Syria. Scamper off to a meeting you'd previously nixed with Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Scuttle as much as the Constitution as you can, at least until you get called on it by 9-0 majorities in the Supreme Court, as the justices did on recess appointments, warrantless cellphone searches… Continue reading

Needed: A Conservative Temperament

194627 5  Needed: A Conservative TemperamentWASHINGTON -- A few recent developments have revealed the tea party temperament in its most distilled, potent form. Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin called for the impeachment of President Obama on the theory that his border policies are "the last straw that makes the battered wife say, 'no mas.'" Excavating the layers of mixed metaphor -- the straw that broke the camel's back is somehow causing an abused… Continue reading

Actually, Hillary’s Wealth Is Her Greatest Accomplishment

238384 5  Actually, Hillarys Wealth Is Her Greatest AccomplishmentIt's simply mystifying that so many Americans look to candidates who pretend to be just like them. We're the worst. In the rare instance I am moved to vote, the least I expect is for a candidate to be far more successful than I am. This last hurdle is not particularly challenging, mind you. Which brings me to Hillary Clinton, whose clumsy efforts to convince America that she's a commoner… Continue reading

Police: Hey, Knuckleheads — The Bathroom Of Chuck E. Cheese’s Is No Place To Be Smoking Heroin

 Police: Hey, Knuckleheads — The Bathroom Of Chuck E. Cheese’s Is No Place To Be Smoking Heroin(Bob Reck)Not that there’s anywhere you should be doing illegal drugs, but public places are exceptionally awful venues for such activities And ratcheting up the inappropriate level to 11? Smoking heroin in the bathroom of a Chuck E. Cheese, as police say two “knuckleheads” decided to do in California. The police didn’t mince words describing the alleged dastardly deeds of the men suspected of chasing the dragon, saying that the… Continue reading

2nd-round jinx strikes McIlroy again in Scotland

ABERDEEN, Scotland (AP) — The second-round jinx that has afflicted Rory McIlroy this season struck once again at the Scottish Open on Friday when he followed up a course-record 64 with a 7-over 78 that left him just above the cut mark.McIlroy has failed to build on fast starts in a frustrating first half of 2014 and it is now becoming a mental issue for the former world No. 1."Having… Continue reading

Amazon Asks FAA For Permission To Blacken The Skies With Delivery Drones

 Amazon Asks FAA For Permission To Blacken The Skies With Delivery DronesThe Amazon Prime Air drone that will eventually be hailed as the forefather of our future robotic overlords.Last month, the Federal Aviation Administration laid down a speed bump in the road toward the impending robot apocalypse, clarifying that package-delivery drones like the ones being planned by Amazon and others are currently illegal. But, much like a locked door or a cinderblock wall will not stop a T-1000, a bit of… Continue reading

Maybe The Froyo Bubble Will Be Next To Burst

 Maybe The Froyo Bubble Will Be Next To Burst(Josh Liba)We learned earlier this week that famed cupcakery chain Crumbs would shutting down, an indication that the cupcake bubble that began in the middle of last decade has finally burst. What other dessert food trends are ready to melt or crumble right before our eyes? Maybe it’s frozen yogurt places. The proliferation of modern froyo shops is tragicomic in some cities: there’s even a Tumblr that chronicles the varied,… Continue reading

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