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This Is Not A Welcoming Retail Establishment

 This Is Not A Welcoming Retail EstablishmentReader David was walking down a street in Brooklyn when he noticed this unfriendly-looking retail establishment. He called it the “least welcoming front door ever on a jewelry store,” and we have to agree. It would be less welcoming if it were locked, maybe. The video surveillance and no cell phone signs are premade and common, but what are we to make of the homemade addition, “Please don’t come in… Continue reading

Old Family Scandals May Haunt Jeb Presidential Run

If Jeb Bush decides to run for president, GOP leaders are warning that he may face "hurtful" questions about past family scandals. In 1999, while he was governor of Florida, his wife, Columba, was fined for declaring only $500 worth of goods to U.S. Customs on her return from Paris, where she actually made close to $20,000 in purchases. Three years later, his daughter Noelle, was arrested at age 24… Continue reading

It’s Baaaaaaack: KFC Is Resurrecting The Double Down

 It’s Baaaaaaack: KFC Is Resurrecting The Double DownRemember me? Of course you do.It’s been a long four years since we first met the KFC Double Down. And while many fast food frankensandwiches have since sought to bottle that starshine and bring it to their own offerings, nothing we’ve seen since has captured the country’s interest quite like that bacon and cheese sandwich with fried chicken “buns.” And now it’s reportedly coming back to delight/disgust the nation yet… Continue reading

Study: Giving Employees More Coffee Leads To More Ethical Workplace Behavior

 Study: Giving Employees More Coffee Leads To More Ethical Workplace Behavior(Austin Tooley)There might be something to the saying “my day doesn’t start until my second cup of coffee.” Okay, maybe I’m the only one that says it, but we could all probably use a little more caffeine in the morning. A new study suggests that the stimulant helps keep employees honest. Cue bosses loading the kitchenette cabinets with bags of coffee. A new study, which was published in the March… Continue reading

The Business of ‘The Future’

What was this Jobsian revolution Agassi was leading? Better Place was going to upend the entire auto sector by having people purchase cars and fuel the way they do cell phones and mobile data contracts: You pay a subsidized price for an electric car, which you buy from Better Place—and then lease the battery from them, paying a set monthly fee for fill-ups, depending on how many miles you intend… Continue reading

Scientist Apologizes for Mistakes in Stem Cell Research

A Japanese scientist who co-authored what was deemed breakthrough stem cell research issued an apology Wednesday over mistakes that were found in the research. The apology came from Yoshiki Sasai, deputy director of the Riken Center for Developmental Biology in Kobe, Japan, who had worked on two stem-cell papers that were published in the journal Nature in January, saying that they had discovered how to make embryonic-like stem cells from… Continue reading

Despite Hiring Local Area Sales Rep, Google Still Not Bringing Fiber To NYC Anytime Soon

 Despite Hiring Local Area Sales Rep, Google Still Not Bringing Fiber To NYC Anytime Soon(Discrete_Photography)Usually a job listing for a sales manager is no big deal. Thousands, if not millions, of similar listings go live every day. But when it’s a regional sales manager for Google Fiber, and the position is Google’s New York City office, the world — especially the corner of it in New York City stuck using crappy broadband — takes notice. Spotted by Geek.com, the manager position is a full-time… Continue reading

Liberal Activists Push Obama for More Executive Orders

Conservatives have criticized President Barack Obama's use of executive orders; liberal activists think he should use them more. A report from BuzzFeed Politics says that LGBT and immigrant rights activists and the Brennan Center for Justice are urging the White House to use its power to circumvent Congress to enact new regulations. The Brennan Center released a list of 15 actions it wants the White House to take, ranging from… Continue reading

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